Film Fixer Turkey

Filming Permits and administrative services

General Permits, Authorisations, National Parks, Wildlife Protection areas, Archaeological Sites, Museums, Gendarmerie, Police
Documentation of Crew, work permits
Customs clearance
Budgeting, Bookkeeping and Banking Services

Scouting and Pre-production

Recce and location research trips
Coordinating & Access to Locations
Risk assessments

Rigging & Security

Tree Platforms, Tyrolean Traverse, Flying Fox, Zip Lines, Rappelling


Hot & Cold Beverages, Fixed crew menu, Lunch box, 5 star dinner or Doner kebab on location


Hotels (3-5 stars),
Bungalows (Basic shelters to luxury),
Camp (Tents, Shades, Rain cover, Tables & Chairs, Cool boxes)


Land (4x4, Trucks, Minibuses, Rental Cars, Train Tickets, Mules)
Air (Local Flights, Helicopters, Airplanes, Microlight, Paramotor)
Sea (Speedboats, Gulets, Sailing Boats, Catamarans,Fisher Boats)


Multilingual Location Coordinators and Translators
Adventure Guides, Wildlife Experts, Archaeologic Guides, Runners, Porters, Drivers, Cooks, Make-up, Labourers
Paramedics, Doctors at remote locations
Sourcing and negotiating with local contractor


Props purchase, hire and production 
Sound & Light
Telecommunication (Radios, Cell Phones, 3G internet)

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