Sea Kayaking over the Sunken City

Sea Kayaking in the calm waters of the Kekova Preservation Area is the best and ecologically right way, to visit the Sunken City and the home of Monk Seals.

The Kekova area offers quiet bays and unspoilt scenery, to discover.
The natural beauty of the surrounding area guarantees that the complete beginner will love to paddle here as much as the experienced kayaker.
There is no previous kayaking experience needed, it just needs some adventure spirit and reasonable fitness.

Ucagiz village is a good place to start our excursion. After some preparation and training there will be plenty of time to get a feeling for paddling and the kayaks.
Then the group paddles southwards to Tersane Bay. This beautiful bay has fine sand and clear water for a swim and the surrounding ruins offer opportunity to explore. The next part of our trip goes along the cost of the Kekova Island right above the ruins of the sunken City. Once finished with sightseeing we paddle across to the mainland. Simena Village has a Castle with great views and lovely cafes for relaxation. Finally we get back in our kayaks for the rock-labyrinth and the necropolis. At the end a delicious lunch is waiting for you in a local restaurant.

Length: 2½ hrs. Paddling + breaks +transfers
Distance: ca. 12 km
Difficulty: intermediate

Swim - surf shoes, sandals or flip flops
Sun hat, Sun glasses (with neck string), Sun cream
Emergency medication (e.g. asthma inhaler)
Swimsuits, Towel
Change of clothes and shoes
Wind jacket, for spring and autumn
Small change for Adventure DVD, Extra Drinks and Souvenirs
! You can leave your belongings in the support vehicle.

Minimum Age 8 years with parents, 14 years with written permission
Basic swimming knowledge
Good physical condition

Professional Guiding (BCU certified)
Kayaks and all safety equipment
Vehicle support
Lunch, Water, fruit juice and cake
Radio and Cell Phone Communication

Kaş 08.30
Start Point Kekova 09.15
Start 10.00
Finish 13.30
Lunch 14.00
Transfer 15.00
Kaş 15.45

Kemer 08.15
Start Point Kekova 10.15
Preparation + Training
Start 11.00
Lunch at Castle 13.00
Continue 14.00
Finish activity 15.00
Transfer 16.00
Kemer 18.00 | Phone: 0090 545 335 4374

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