Transform your project, which started with an idea, into an institution that makes high profits.

We have more than 10 years of technical experience. We do not have "trial and error", all our projects have reached tens of thousands of happy customers and they work flawlessly.

You can reach us by phone or e-mail. Be prepared for these questions:

Geographical structure?
Is it yours? Or rented?
What is the Usage Status? National Park? Forest? Other?
Is there a facility?

What is your general expectation?
What is the largest group to enter at the same time?
Average customer traffic?
Schools? Individuals?
How much time does the customer have?

Budget & Planning:
How much investment do you think for the project?
Are there similar activities in your area?
Projecting details?

Short Zip
About 250m.
There are more reasonable costs for installation and operation, so that sales prices can be kept in place.
The materials used partially present in Turkey and supply will be faster.
If you have healthy and big trees on your premises, the installations are very economical.

Long Zipline
Distance between 250m and 1000m
It is very influencive at the start and it provides great convenience in sales.
For such long lines, very special steel rope and reel are required, which requires relatively more serious investment.
A detailed operation and marketing is required to operate.

Personal Safety Material
Selection equipment that meets the highest standards and provides maximum ease of use.
Belts, Helmets, Spools and Interconnections
Children and Adults
Certifications: CE EN 12492 / CE EN 12278 / UIAA 106

Technicial Specifications
High Rope Tracks European Standard EN 15567
Steel Wire Rope and Connections Stainless INOX or Hot Dipped Galvanized
Appropriate design for every size participant.
Comfortable departure and safe landing according to all weather conditions.
Double safety brake system for soft stop.
Maintenance and adjustment of our systems is minimal.

For detailed pricing and feasibility studies in large projects, we need to examine the location and determine the most suitable location. During this visit we can exchange technical information and business options. For this service we charge a consultation fee + way and costs.

We can give you the projecting service after your decision is made to suit you best.
There is a File fee for this service.

Example Zippline that we operate:



Canopy Tours

High Ropes Courses

Adventure Playgrounds

Waterplay Parks

Industrial Ropework / Rigging

Stage Setup

Steel Wire Rope Assembly

Film Shooting Security

Project Site Assessments

Logistic Support

Training - Operation | Phone: 0090 545 335 4374

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